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Baltic Russians Need Your Help.

Оригинал взят у russbalt в Baltic Russians Need Your Help.

I can no longer remain silent. Fellow Russians, hear me, as it is to you that I am speaking; you are are only hope.

Today in Estonia, the social and economic situation is such that it cannot be called anything other than a humanitarian disaster. Tens of thousands of people are going hungry, the vast majority of them Russians. Thousands of Russian children are starving and thousands more are going hungry. Even if the situation may not be as bad in the larger towns such as Talinn, Pärnu and Tartu; then rest assured that in smaller provincial towns such as Võru, Valga, Jõhvi and Narva, the Russian “minority” is starving and absolutely hopeless.
A fifth of the Estonian population lives under the poverty line and the Estonian parliament has been called upon by the international community to amend this situation. It is interesting to note that the Estonian government did not increase its welfare allowance for the poorest of its citizens for the fiscal year of 2012. The Estonian bureau of statistics notes that prices of common household goods increased by 5% in 2011 in comparison to 2010.

Sadly, Estonian poverty has hit the Russian minority and their children the hardest. This situation arises as the Russian minority consists of those who have the least rights and are the most vulnerable to all manner of discrimination. The U.N. has previously reported on the discrimination suffered by Russians in Estonia. One cannot look upon this situation and not feel some compassion. The suicide and attempted suicide rate has grown massively during recent times among those most affected by the encroachment of poverty. The most striking examples can be found in Narva, a city where the vast majority of the population is Russian.

On the 24th of January a friend of mine witnessed an ambulance and a crowd gathered around the entrance to a block of flats. Eventually the reason for the ambulance and crowd became clear; a woman had hung herself after having strangelled her three children, aged 6 months, 4 and 6 years. The poor woman had subsisted on starvation rations for months, having exhausted all available sources of help. When the pressure became to much, she chose to end her and her children’s lives.

My question now is: “How many more will need to freeze and starve, or commit suicide?”
It has also come to my knowledge that during the warmer months, certain individuals subsist on wild berries, mushrooms, leaves and edible grasses. Local monopolies force individuals to assume crushing debts which eventually lead to eviction or cessation of services, leaving families to survive without heating in temperatures touching -20 degrees Celsius. This is a clear example of the government letting the “deadwood” die off. This situation is nothing other than open and outright genocide aimed at a minority population.  Who would have thought that Europe would see the resurrection of mass hunger and starvation in the 21st century?

I pity those people left by Russia in the Baltic states. I do not blame the Russians who woke up on that fateful day in 1991, only to find themselves stranded in a foreign land. Now that Russia is experiencing a revival, we the Russian people must help our comrades who were stranded and left to die. Yet Russia can afford to lend a billion dollars to Cyprus and 10 billion to Europe, whilst writing of massive African debts. I am not a humanitarian activist but I can ask the question: “Why will Russia not help her citizens?” Sure, there is always the Russian embassy and the Council of Russian Compatriots but they seem to be doing very little to care for their fellow Russians.

It is with a heavy heart that I turn to the bloggers of Russia. You currently wield serious influence and people listen to you and you have already proven yourselves capable of organised action.
Some of you may even hold positions of influence and power whilst others may be merchants or professionals of all kinds.
I ask you to look in your hearts and do something to help the plight of our compatriots in the Baltic countries. We may not always hear the pleas for help but I assure you, they are there and growing more desperate by the day.
The reason their please fall on deaf ears is that the Estonian government is covering their suffering up and hopping for the best.
As I mentioned previously, what the Estonian government is engaged in is the very definition of genocide according to international law. I urge you to speak out against this evil, I urge you to pressure our government in the Kremlin, pressure our lawmakers and politicians. It does not matter if your voice is frail, together we can force real change. I also urge you to let other know of this grave injustice, you can contact NGO’s, charities and the media to spread the word.

I would like to finish of the following note: you as Russians survived the terror of the 90’s. I do not need to remind you the horrors visited upon you by corrupt politicians and a dead system. I do not need to remind you of empty stores and endless ques. Our conscience will rest a touch easier if we know that we stepped up and helped our fellow man when the world had turned its back on them.